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Sep. 15th, 2014

Just to make sure that my account will not be purged because of long long time of nonuse, I’m trying to write something here. After one and a half year’s vacation, my health has got a little bit improvement. I have gained some weight. My face turns red, instead of being pale. I have one of my many diseases cured (at least in the meantime). I may still need perhaps 3, 5 or 10 years for complete recovery. I can’t tell.
Anyway I will try making the best use of my time meanwhile. One of my favorite pastimes that I developed over this year is baking. In Hong Kong, most ladies know how to cook Chinese food only. (Some ladies even don’t know how to cook any food.) Baking is kind of luxury. Most people do not own an oven at all. In the past, I have never dreamed that I can bake cakes, pies and tarts by myself. It’s too easy to buy over the
bakeries. But homemade cakes are just so delicious. The photos attached are some of the cakes, desserts etc. I baked and made this year.


I have started joining aerobic dance course since 18th April for every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.  It is quite physically demanding.  Our tutor has taught us some basics about kick-boxing as well.  It's good to know something new and it's kinda healthy to have sports together with other people, even though I would prefer the tutor to teach "dance" steps.  It is not "dance" at all.



Raising my sister's male turtle again since 6th April, 2013. Since the turtle hide himself even in daytime, I brought him to the countryside today to cheer him up. This should be the first time he climbed on a lawn. When he was back home, he became dull again. He did not act like this last time he came to my home. Perhaps he miss the female turtle, who is still taken care by my sister.


Auntie Lau

Auntie Lau, my mom's sister, have got cancer and have undergone operations recently.  My family and I have visited her at hospital today.  She has become very thin but looks genki.


Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Have visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum today.  This should be the second or third time I visit the museum.  Went there because the admission fee is free on Wednesday for most museums run by the Hong Kong Government.  However, the "Faberge, Legacy of Imperial Russia" exhibition, which will exhibits until end of April, did have an admission fee even on Wednesday. 


Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Visited the Hong Kong Maritime Museum for the first time today.  The museum was initiall situated at the Murray Building at Stanley, but has moved to Pier 8 of the Central District since last year.  It is so large that we were only able to read through the exhibitions at one of the deck/floor.  (There are 3 floors altogether.)  Many people asked me where the museum is, after they have watched the photos I posted in Facebook.  I think the museum lacks promotion and advertising.


Microsoft Office

Today Lam and I have went to the Computer Mall in Wanchai in order to buy Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)  For all these years I have been using the facilities and softwares provided free by my previous company.  It's really annoying that I can on longer used the free softwares, emails, fax, printer & copy machines now. ;_;

Anyway the price quoted by the Computer Mall is higher than the one near Lam' office.  So I will have to ask Lam to buy for me at another day.  Since we were at Wanchai, we also went to the Hong Kong Park at Admiralty.  We saw many birds at close distance, well right before the outbreak of H7N9.





Tai Chi

Tonight I have joined a Tai Chi course provided by private tutors at my estate. The first 2 lessons are free of charge. There are only 3 new students. The tutor taught us the basics, while the old students continued to learn their Tai Chi Fan. We learnt only 5 styles at the first lesson. Nonetheless, I slept better that night. (For "better", I meant I took only 3 kinds of sleeping pills to fall asleep, instead of 5 kinds of sleeping pills) Since it significantly improve my sleeping quality, I think I will keep joining the classes, even though it is quite expensive.


Nice Chat

Today my mom has come to see me. It was almost 5 years ever since my mom come to my district. We had a very long and nice chat at a newly-opened Chinese restaurant at a hotel nearby. There were big changes in my home district these years. After lunch, I brought my mom to tour around the new hotels, malls and shops nearby, and finally stopped at my home. It is only after I quit I job that I have time to accompany my mom.