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2013 C3 in Hong Kong

This evening my husband and I have attended C3, an anime, comics and game exhibition organised by Japan in the Hong Kong Conventional and Exhibition Center. Honestly speaking, I don't know much about the exhibition because I am not a real otaku. ~_^ (My husband is otaku though.) I am only familiar with the real figures of Macross Frontier. I have took a picture with cosplayer Princess Serenity too. Actually I am more interested with looking at the cosplayers there than watching the exhibition itself. We have also heard various anime songs sung by 石川智晶, a Japanese singer, at the close of the exhibition. Her voice was real good. It is very worthwhile to pay for a fee of HK$30 (equivalent to about US$4) for a live "concert".


MacLehose Trail Stage 2

Today the brothers of my existing church, my husband and I go for hiking at MacLehose Trail Stage 2. Yes, I am the only sister in this trip. This is one of my favourite tracks because it passed through Tai Long Sai Wan and Ham Tin Wan, the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. Our lunch at An Kee Restaurant in Ham Tin Wan was unforgettable. The dried shrimps in the fried rice were so big and delicious, alongside with the excellent beach scenery. It was a bonus after kilometers of walk.


Tai Chi

Many people told me to learn Tai Chi in order to calm down the nerves and to build up the body. This morning I have joined a Tai Chi course organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The course was actually intended for people over 65, and participants have to enrolled months before it started. I went there earlier and had the chance to talk with the tutor. She allowed me to join even though I have not enrolled. I am the only new student and she took care of me. The course is not aimed at beginners though. They played 24-style, 48-style, and Tai Chi fan respectively. I have never learnt Tai Chi before and it was quite difficult for me to follow over 100 styles in a lesson. @_@ I should find a course for beginners.



Tonight I steamed fish for the second time in my life. Last night's trial was quite unsuccessful. The fish was too big. I steamed too long. The sauce was... argh, forget about it. Tonight the fish tasted better for I bought a smaller fish, steamed it with less time and most importantly, have bought a delicious sauce.



Went to public hospital today to register for various out-patient specialist services. There are long queues everywhere in the hospital because of large demands for cheap public health services. I feel more comfortable to go to private doctors, but the doctor fees and medication fees of the private sectors are almost 10 times of those of the public sectors. I should no longer spend thousands dollars of medical fees every month if I no longer maintain a regular income.


Last Day

This is my last day of service at my company. It is only when I quit that I realize it was like my family. I have spent more time in my company than in my present home. I have so much attachments with the people there. I am so adapted to the environment there. I'm so efficient with my work too. If and only if my health permits me to stay...


Private Entries

In response to the LJ cross-commenting functions, I have decided to keep most of my journal entries in private.

In fact, most of my friends are still not used to communicate via the web.  They either call me or email to me.  I often find frustrating that so few people are commenting on my journal entries.  In short, I lack the incentive to write LJ journals.

If you are my friends, whether real life friends or on-line friends, and want to continue to read my journals.  Send a friend request to me so that you can read my entries.



So, after attending five ten classes, as well as having another talk with our pastor yesterday...
I am finally allowed to be baptized this year!!! (^_^)V

The baptism will take place on 6th December, 2009.
I am looking forward to it. ^_^


Greatest Gift of All



感謝のために、これからちゃんと読まなくてはいけないなぁ。 :D

Swine Flu

Last week my colleague Nelson has caught the swine flu. The government clinic gave him 2 days sick leave only. The Head of Admin is very much concerned about the matter, and advised him not to go to work last week. The Admin Dept also arranged a staff to measure our body temperature twice a day. Alcoholic pads and spay were also available at the reception desk.

Today Nelson has come to work again. He has also infected his son, but his wife does not catch the disease. Some colleagues said that he should quarantine himself in the reception area, and not go into the office. (They are just kidding) Anyway, everything seems fine and we work as usual.