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Sep. 15th, 2014

Just to make sure that my account will not be purged because of long long time of nonuse, I’m trying to write something here. After one and a half year’s vacation, my health has got a little bit improvement. I have gained some weight. My face turns red, instead of being pale. I have one of my many diseases cured (at least in the meantime). I may still need perhaps 3, 5 or 10 years for complete recovery. I can’t tell.
Anyway I will try making the best use of my time meanwhile. One of my favorite pastimes that I developed over this year is baking. In Hong Kong, most ladies know how to cook Chinese food only. (Some ladies even don’t know how to cook any food.) Baking is kind of luxury. Most people do not own an oven at all. In the past, I have never dreamed that I can bake cakes, pies and tarts by myself. It’s too easy to buy over the
bakeries. But homemade cakes are just so delicious. The photos attached are some of the cakes, desserts etc. I baked and made this year.